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Great Paying Forensic Science Careers

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Forensic science is a rather broad term for science that is used to aid court cases and proceedings. This means that a variety of science disciplines can be called forensic sciences. However, there are some specializations that are more important to the American Academy of Forensic Science. Some of these are criminalistics, engineering sciences, biology or pathology, anthropology, and toxicology. Starting a career in one of these disciplines may produce the best results.

One of the most common of these careers is a forensic science technician. Some employers require that you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science or a related field. Others only require that you either have an Associate’s Degree or have two or more years of advanced training in the field. There are also special training schools that you can go to that will give you adequate training to fulfill this position. Some personal qualities you must have are great communication skills, organizational skills, observational skills, and analytical skills. Some of the job duties for a forensic technician is collecting and analyzing physical evidence, presenting findings in the form of reports or presentations, and sometimes serving as an expert witness for a court case.

Psychological Profiling is also a forensic science career. This is a very difficult position but can be very beneficial. You must be able to read people very easily. You also need to have both crime scene investigation experience and psychological analysis experience. When you’re in college, you will need to have a double major in fields that are related to these two disciplines. Make sure that while you’re in college, you gain a good amount of experience, whether it is as an intern or as a volunteer. There are many different forensic science careers that pay really well and have many opportunities for advancement. Most positions require that you have extensive college education, specialized experience, and great personal qualities. They require that you are able to work as a team and do your best work to help solve crimes of any nature.